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With a dynamically developing brand name projecting a love for quality food and drink, Lemoni Grill House meets the requirements of food lovers regarding taste and quality at prices that reflect current economic trends. The concept started with our appreciation of good food and is continuing with a search for flavours from both Mediterranean and International cuisines that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Our vision is to develop the brand name “Lemoni Grill House” so that it will be identified by our customers as a chain of restaurants that focuses on high quality ingredients, unique flavours and an extensive variety of food, while providing excellent service at reasonable prices. Our restaurants are uniquely designed around a vibrant and contemporary environment. The menu is inspired by the Greek traditional cuisine while harmoniously combining  flavours from the Mediterranean and the Middle East

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our story

The driving force for the creation of the Lemoni Grill House concept was our passion for quality food from Greek, Mediterranean and International cuisines. Having this in mind and taking into consideration consumer needs as well as the current state of the hospitality market, we decided to create a chain of restaurants offering high quality products with exceptional service, at reasonable prices. Initially, we decided to start by developing a restaurant in Glyfada, Greece and use it as our development center. As soon as the concept was structurally stable, we decided to expand by introducing the Lemoni Grill House concept to the UK. We have deployed the first restaurant in Southampton and plan to continue with the expansion of our business in the southern part of the country and then regionally throughout the remainder of the United Kingdom.





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The major emphasis is on grilled and  barbecued dishes using “Lemoni’s”  uniquely marinated meats as well as salads and appetizers made from quality ingredients including extra virgin Greek olive oil.



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our locations

Αs a rapidly expanding dynamic company we have the right tools
and enviroments to fullfill our plans within the Restaurant
Trade. Having secure enough funds we have the ability to finance
the development of 10 new sites over the next three years.
These restaurants will be located in the southern region
of the United Kingdom and specifically in the cities of Bri-
hton , Portsmouth, Reading Guilford, Bournemouth, Bristol
Bath, Swindom, and Cardiff. There will be seating for between
100 to 160 customers and will feature full bars with a
capacity of up to 40 people each..



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Glyfada Brabch GR

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relaxed, buzzing and full of laughter


All our restaurants have their own unique ambience and style which blend in well with their locations.
For example, our Glyfada restaurant is buzzing and full of energy,
whereas our Southampton UK restaurant is more laid back and relaxed.